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Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One


 Do you like your romance dark?

So dark that you might actually loathe the man who is anything but a hero when you start reading?

Do you like a romance that digs deep and exposes the darkest side of human nature?

Romance that has to be fought for, and love that is more precious because it doesn’t come easy?

Mikhal the Merciless is a vampire who has no soul

He feeds on blood and terror, and lives for lust and power

He doesn’t sparkle.

He doesn’t have a tender bone in his body.

You will despise him long before you cheer him on to love.

Alliana is a poor Gypsy in Medieval times.

She is powerless against those who are rich and titled

She is a woman who must do as she is bid.

Mikahl the Merciless wants her.

Mikhal the Merciless always gets what he wants.

Taken is a dark love story set in the 1500’s of Hungary. Times were hard for those with little to nothing, and only those with money and titles could do as they pleased. Lords were cruel to their serfs, and vampire lords even more so. When Mikhal comes upon Alliana on his land, the life she once led ceases to exist. He has heard stories about the fabled magical gypsy girl who will bring great power to the one who possess her. He takes her back to his castle where he marries her and magic is used to get her with child. It will be a son who will rule alongside his father for eternity.

Alliana hates her captor. Everyone in the castle rejoices in her misery, especially her new husband. She is a pretty toy to be played with for Mikhal’s amusement, but then fate intervenes. The pleasure he found in her tears has turned to pain, and her hate brings him untold grief, as the man deep down inside him awakens and does battle with his beast.

Taken starts with misery, but it also begins Mikhal and Alliana’s journey down the twisted and thorny path towards love. Mikhal is an anti hero. Alliana a helpless young woman thrust into terror. Mikhal is a true vampire, evil, twisted, and cruel, without the morals a soul provides. Alliana has spirit, but is trapped in a marriage that she cannot flee from. Theirs is a love story that will take you on a wild ride of emotions. You will feel anger, despair, loathing and hope, but no matter what chord it strikes inside you, this book will make you feel.

Taken is book one in the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy

It begins shrouded in darkness but ends with a spark of hope.

Come walk in the shadows with me.

Taken is available for purchase here on Amazon

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