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A Thrashing in the Snow by Jolynn Raymond

A special post for the Cold Hands Warm Bottoms Tour

Jess turned off the weather report with a scowl. It was snowing, hard, and it was going to keep snowing the next day. The forecasters’ report was the last thing she needed to hear when she had a very special errand to run. As usual she’d left running to the store for her girlfriend’s gift until the very last minute. Lizzie always said her procrastination was going to come back and bite her in the butt one of these days, and it seemed as if her prediction was coming true on the worst possible day.

Jess peeked out the blinds and groaned at the sight of the snow drifts building up on their driveway. Driving was going to be dangerous, but there was nothing to be done about it. She simply had to go and pick up the gift she’d ordered for Lizzie. Besides, she hated the ‘I told you so’ look Lizzie gave her when she messed things up because she’d waited too long.

Bundling up to prepare her for her arctic romp, Jess grabbed her purse and went into the garage. She hopped in the truck then cursed under her breath as the gas gauge needle bobbed just above empty. The truck would do much better in this weather, but she needed to get to the art gallery and back before Lizzie woke up. If she was lucky, she’d be sitting on the sofa sipping tea in no time, and Lizzie would be none the wiser.

The car slipped a bit and she had to gun the engine to get through one of the deeper drifts, but she made it onto the street. The road really wasn’t that bad yet, and it seemed as if her clandestine plan might work after all. There was very little traffic when she got to the main road, and Jess knew damn well it was because they were telling people to stay off the streets, but after slipping and sliding her way across town she arrived at the gallery, traded her receipt for the framed canvas print of a small hotel that looked very much like the one they stayed in while in Mykonos, checked it for perfection, then hurried back to the car.

In just the short time she’d been inside, a thick layer of snow had built up on the car. She set the picture in the back and resigned herself to cleaning off the snow. The wind blew her hood off, and the bite of the blowing snow hurt her cheeks and froze her fingers despite her heavy gloves. She hopped back in the car as soon as she was done, turning the wipers on high, not surprised in the least that the open sign had been turned around in the art gallery window.

She put the car in gear and had to press hard on the gas to back out of her spot. When she turned the car towards the street and looked ahead, Jess let out a sound that was half exasperation and half fear. She could hardly see 10 feet ahead of her. The snow was a blinding white sheet that flapped wildly in the wind, sometimes blowing so hard it swirled. She put the car in park, knowing she should call Lizzie and ask her to come help her, but that was the last thing she wanted to do. Lizzie would paddle her ass crimson if Jess woke her up and not only had her come recuse her, but made Lizzie stop for gas as well. A mixture of pride, stubbornness, and a foolish determination made her put down her phone though the wise woman inside groaned at her stupidity.

She put the wipers on high and eased down on the accelerator. The car slid a bit, but once she gained momentum, Jess thought she’d be okay as long as any of the other poor souls on the road had the sense to be careful. If she just went slow and made it home in one piece, this little dangerous trip could remain a secret.

When she’d gone not even a mile she could feel the drag of the snow on the car’s wheels. She had to grip the steering wheel and make constant adjustments to keep herself out of a ditch. Finally, she made it to the road they lived on. It was long, winding, and pretty secluded, especially on a day like today, but the joy she felt at being nearly home, made her careless. She rounded a curve while her mind was on thoughts of a hot bath and some tea, and felt the car begin to slide.

She eased of the gas, pumped the brakes, and turned into the skid, but it the car continued to slide out of control. Jess spun around, bounced down the embankment towards the creek narrowly missing a couple of giant willows, and continued downward plowing through the snow and scraping over leafless undergrowth until she stopped just shy of the frozen water with a bump that made her teeth chatter. She sat there for a few moments, being very grateful the airbag didn’t go off, but being just as ungrateful for the predicament she was in. There was no getting out of it. Jess knew that. The car was stuck and most likely smashed up, and she was too far from home to try and walk in the blizzard. That would simply add insult to injury and be the final act of sheer madness in the grand stupidity of the morning.

After fumbling on the floor for her phone which had tumbled there along with everything else in her purse when she’d stopped, Jess pulled off her gloves and poked Lizzie’s cell number. After four rings Jess was sure she was going to have to leave a voice mail explaining her predicament, but then Lizzie answered.

“Where on Earth are you in this storm?” Her tone told Jess that Lizzie was both worried and madder than hell. She would have had a better time explaining her motives and asking for help if Lizzie’s brain had still been foggy from sleep.

“I went to the …”

Before she could get the words out to explain, Lizzie cut her off. “Don’t tell me, because after that you’ll rattle off the excuses as to why it was so vitally important to leave this house in a blizzard.  Where are you and are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m about a half mile away from the house on Mill Creek. The car went into a slide, and went down the embankment. I figured it’d be stupid to try and walk in the storm.”

“Oh, so now the voice of reason speaks! Pity your common sense didn’t talk you out of going in the first place. I’ll be right there. Do not get out of the car.”

Before Jess could say anything, Lizzie hung up, leaving her to mull over all the possible scenarios that awaited her when they got home safe. Corner time was in the realm of possibilities. Lizzie made it a point not to spank her when she was angry, and angry didn’t even begin to cover it. Lizzie might put her on speech restriction. That would be hell during Lizzie’s birthday party though there probably wasn’t going to even be a party unless everyone came by snowmobile. Whatever punishment awaited her, Jess felt like she had it coming. Not only had she put her life at risk, she’d procrastinated and forgotten to put gas in the truck too, and it was all on Lizzie’s special day.

It wasn’t long before Jess heard a door slam up on the road. Lizzie had arrived. Jess opened the car door but then stopped before getting out when she heard Lizzie growl out an order to stay put. Sitting in the driver’s seat, car door open, stomach fluttering with just a bit of fear, near tears because she felt so bad for disappointing Lizzie, Jess waited while Lizzie scrambled down the embankment. She put her face in her hands in shame, and that was how Lizzie found her.

“Look at me Jess.” Jess looked up, tears shimmering in her eyes, bottom lip caught between her teeth. “I’m sorry Lizzie, really sorry. I had to get your birthday present.”

“Oh no, you aren’t going to turn this around and put your foolish actions onto me. You made this choice and you’re going to pay for it. Which do you think I’d rather have on my birthday, a present, or an injured or dead you?”

“I’m so sorry.”

“I believe you are Jess. I know you never do things on purpose, but that doesn’t make any of this better. Get out of the car.”

“I just have to get something from the back before we go up.”

“No, you don’t. You need to get out.”

Knowing better than to defy her, Jess slid out from behind the wheel. She took a step forward, and Lizzie grasped her chin hard, forcing her to look up and into her eyes. “What you did was reckless, thoughtless, dangerous, and foolish. You could have been killed or worse, or you could have killed someone else. Turn around, bend over, and put your hands on the seat.”

“What? Now? Lizzie, it’s freezing. Can’t we please wait?’

“Yes it’s freezing and no this won’t wait. Do as you’re told. You’re the one who chose to come out in this weather, so you damn well better take the consequence without another word.”

Jess turned around and did as Lizzie said, gripping the far edge of the car’s front seat. Lizzie tossed the wooden hairbrush that was reserved for punishments onto the seat so Jess could see it, and then roughly pushed Jess’s coat up over her waist. She made short work of the button on Jess’s pants, then yanked downward, exposing Jess’s bare bottom to the frigid cold. The wind was blocked by the embankment and the trees, so the snow didn’t pellet her skin, but she could feel the snowflakes land none the less. Lizzie picked up the hairbrush and stroked her bottom with the bristles.

“No warm up for you my bad girl. This time we’re going to wait a few minutes until that bottom of yours is really cold. I think that just might make the hairbrush sting just a little more. We won’t have to worry about frostbite because your ass will be blazing soon enough.”

Jess groaned and Lizzie slapped her hard on one cheek, the slap leaving a stinging warm spot on her cold bottom.

“Do you have something to say?”

“No.” Her voice came out in a quiet squeak. “Just that I’m sorry.”

Jess felt Lizzie’s fingers wrap up in her hair, and then pull tight. “What do I always tell you when you say that to me?”

“That I’ll be even sorrier after you’re through.”

“Such a good memory you have. Pity you forgot about my telling you to never put yourself in danger.”

“It’s your birthday. I had to …”

“Yes it’s my birthday and here I am, nearly knee deep in snow and freezing because of your carelessness. If I were you, Jess, I’d shut my mouth before it got me into even more trouble. The only words I want to hear are you asking for this punishment you so well deserve, and your counting as I give you forty with the brush. Ten for procrastination, ten for thinking it was a good decision to go out in this weather for any reason, ten for leaving the truck on empty, and ten  for doing something so damn foolish you could have killed yourself.”

Lizzie tightened her grip on Jess’ hair and pulled her upward just a bit so she could put the hairbrush near Jess’ lips. She noted that Jess already had tears on her cheeks and was glad to know her girl was indeed very sorry for what she’d done. Granted she would be even sorrier with a blazing ass, but this sorry, the one that came from the heart, mattered just as much. Jess looked up at Lizzie; eyelashes dusted with snowflakes, and quietly requested Lizzie to spank her for what she’d done. The words were Jess’ consent to her punishment; Lizzie would never lay a hand on her without them. Of course their domestic discipline relationship was one where they’d agreed on the rules and consequences a long time ago, but Lizzie still made Jess ask for each and every punishment.

“Please spank me for being careless, for worrying you, for not going to get your present before today and … just being stupid.”

“Jess, you’re not stupid, ever. Foolish yes, stupid no. Now hold the seat tight because you are in for a world of pain.”

Jess gripped the edge of the seat and waited for the inevitable first blow. She could feel little rivulets of melted snow trickling over her bare bottom and thighs. Her skin was cold, so very cold, but she knew it wouldn’t be for… The hairbrush came down hard, the blow cutting off rational thought and sending an instant burn shooting out across her icy skin. Jess cried out, it stung like hell. Never before had she had a spanking when her skin was half frozen. The term numb with cold certainly didn’t apply to getting your ass paddled while standing in the middle of a blizzard.

A cry escaped Jess’ lips and her breath came out in a frosty whoosh, but Lizzie was just getting started, and Jess knew she’d better concentrate on keeping her hands on the car seat. No matter if it felt like a million bees were stinging her frozen bottom, there would be no moving her hands.

The hairbrush rose and fell in rapid succession as Lizzie began the verbal chastisement that always came along with a punishment. Lizzie was a very firm believer in making sure Jess knew exactly why the hairbrush was turning her bottom a fiery red.

“You are never, ever to put your life in danger for anything, let alone something as trivial as my gift. You are much more important to me than any present.” Lizzie’s hand pulled back hard on Jess’ hair, yanking her head back so she could growl in her naughty lover’s ear.

“So help me God, Jess, one day I am going to cure you of this procrastination. I know you must have seen this storm predicted days ago and yet you waited. Do you have any idea how worried I was when I got up?”

“Yeeeeee…” The word caught in Jess’ throat, trapped by a sob fueled by pain and regret.

“Silence. How could you have thought this was a good idea? How dare you do something that could have taken you away from me?”

Twenty blows had rained down on Jess’ bare bottom. The storm had increased the wind picking up even though they were down in the embankment sheltered by the trees. The mix of freezing air and burning hot spanks were like mixing fire and ice all over Jess’ bottom. It burned and stung, the numbness caused by the cold shattered with each stinging blow of the hairbrush.

“I could have lost you. You are never, ever to be so damn foolish again. Do… you… hear… me?” Each word was punctuated by stinging spanks. Jess had long since lost count and Lizzie had too. Her vow to never punish in anger over ridden by the fear she’d felt upon finding Jess gone and then seeing the car way down in the ditch. Horror had filled Lizzie. It was a miracle Jess was okay.

Lizzie continued with the blows of the hairbrush as Jess wailed and pleaded for Lizzie to stop. She was sorry, so very sorry that she’d been reckless and foolish, and her words of apology babbled out in between her cries of pain.

Finally Lizzie was finished. Forty blows had become more like sixty, and Lizzie felt a twinge of unease that she’d spent her anger and fear on Jess’ behind. She looked at her lover, her blazing red bottom the only spot of color around them. Everything else, their hair, their clothes, the car, was covered in white.

Lizzie saw Jess was shaking and wrapped an arm around her waist as the brush hung from her limp arm. She bent low and kissed the tears that lay like frozen drops upon Jess’ cheek and eyes, melting the snow with her lips. “Good girl. That’s my good girl. You took your punishment well.”

“I really am sorry. Please Lizzie, I’m so sorry.”

“Hush now. Does it sting?”

Does it sting? Lizzie had seriously asked her if her bottom stung? Despite the fact that Lizzie had stopped spanking her, Jess’ bottom still felt as if it were on fire. Jess sniffed, her nose running from the cold and from her tears, and then nodded.

“Good. Perhaps not being able to sit for a week will drive some sense into you.” Feeling no pity for her wayward girl, Lizzie picked up a handful of snow and rubbed it all over Jess’ bright red bottom. Jess let out a shriek, jerking up, but Lizzie still had her by the hair. Lizzie held her tight until the entire handful of snow had melted. Rivulets of water streamed down Jess’ bottom, the icy cold against her blazing skin had been a shock, and the feel of the water from the melted snow combined with the chilling wind made Jess begin to shiver. The chill made her tremble, and seeing Jess suffer made Lizzie relent. Jess had had enough, and it was time to get to safety.

Lizzie pulled her up and helped Jess pull her jeans up over her sore bottom, then gave her a quick hug. “I love you. Don’t you even do anything like this again. I was crazy with worry.” Jess nodded, not trusting her voice, and clung to Lizzie as the world of white swirled around them.

Lizzie put an arm around Jess’ waist, slammed the car door, and began to lead Jess up the embankment, but Jess suddenly remembered the reason she’d gone out in the first place. “Lizzie, your birthday present. I have to go back.”

“Oh no you don’t. It can wait. I’m getting you home so I can strip you bare and put you in the corner. You have some things to think about. I’ll let you stand in the one near the fireplace so you aren’t cold, but you owe me some corner time. Jess simply nodded. The picture was safe enough in the back of the car, and she did indeed owe Lizzie some corner time. Perhaps if she thought long and hard enough about the consequences of her procrastination, she’d learn from them.

Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn’t, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to tell Lizzie no. Jess snuggled into Lizzie as the two made their way back up to the road. Lizzie satisfied that at least for now, Jess saw the error of her ways, and Jess doing nothing but being reminded as each step made the fabric of her jeans rub her well punished bottom.

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