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This excerpt is from Elizabeth’s Destiny: A Kinky Historical Romance

We find Elizabeth in Maxwell’s quarters just after he’s captured her in the square.  She has just woken up and found herself in his room. Maxwell is intent on stripping her bare and putting her into the tub, but Elizabeth is resisting his efforts. He takes the opportunity to show her that her disobedience won’t be tolerated.  She is to become a sex slave, and this first spanking is one of many she will receive as he teaches her what is required.

Lifting her up and over his shoulder, Maxwell positioned the screaming and wiggling Elizabeth over his lap, pushing up her many layers of skirts and trapping her kicking legs between his. He loosened the ribbon on her knickers, and tugged the two sides apart, effectively baring her bottom.

Elizabeth froze. Her screams silenced by stunned disbelief. He couldn’t possibly mean to spank her? She felt her skirts being pushed further up her back, and then his cool hand sliding over the skin of her naked bottom, and that was all it took to set the fireworks off again.

“How dare you, you beast. Get your hands off me.”

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Elizabeth's Destiny: A Kinky Historical Romance

Elizabeth’s Destiny: A Kinky Historical Romance

Elizabeth’s spirit struggles against her fate, and though her body responds to Maxwell’s teachings, she cannot stop her fight for freedom. Maxwell has never cared for any of the women he has abducted, but he cannot deny what he feels for his latest captive. Once love touches his heart, Maxwell knows he cannot turn Elizabeth over to his boss, but freedom isn’t easily obtained. They are trapped within the palace walls, and within the city itself. Jeeval is rich and powerful, and doesn’t take kindly to those who wish to steal his possessions. To stay means Elizabeth will become a concubine, lost to Maxwell forever. To flee means to risk death, but life without each other is no life at all. Can they escape and find their happily ever after, or will their quest for freedom cost them everything?

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