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Lessons of Love

A little teaser for all my spanking fans from my book Lessons of Love
which can be found here, if the snippet leaves you wanting more.

Cole ended his inspection of his new wife and strode over to the massive bed. He sat on the edge and beckoned her with his hands and eyes. It was time to take what was his, but first she had to be taught a lesson. There was no room for disobedience of any kind between a man and his wife. “I’m afraid you have to be punished love. You pushed my hands away and were defiant all day. You belong to me plain and simple, and you will do as I say the moment I tell you to. As your husband it is my job to make sure you are disciplined properly. A man can’t allow his wife to be rude and insolent. You need to be taught to respect me.”

“Please… no. I will do as you ask. Please.”

“It must be done, Jolie. You must be taught total obedience. Now no more arguments; or I will become angry. Come and lay over my lap. It’s time for some correction, wife. You must be shown what will happen if you chose to misbehave.”

“Please no, Cole. I can’t. Please. I’m sorry.” Tears shone in Jolie’s eyes and her chest heaved as she took huge gulps of air, trying to calm herself, biting her lip and drawing her eyebrows together over eyes filled with fear. Cole thought she was a sight to behold, so erotic and yet so innocent.

“Come to me now, Jolie.” Cole growled and held out his hand, and Jolie went to him on trembling legs. He drew her down into his lap and slowly rubbed her back in soft circles. Then he wrapped his arm around her waist and bent her forward over his knee trapping her legs between his. Cole laid his hand on the soft smooth skin of her bottom and stroked it gently. He spread her thighs and slid his fingers between her netherlips, stroking her, building her passion even now when she was on the brink of punishment. He continued his assault of her sensitive nub, building her to the peak of pleasure until she was moaning with desire while his own body burned with longing at the sight and feel of her bent over his lap ready to be tamed to his will.

Cole raised his hand and brought it down hard shattering the hot desire that was burning inside her. All her senses were immediately focused on the stinging pain of her bottom. Cole’s palm smacked her bottom again and a crimson print appeared in its wake. Jolie cried out and rocked her hips but Cole kept a tight hold on her wiggling body.

“Please Cole. Noooo!”

Cole brought his hand down again and again, the cracking sounds his palm made on impact resounding through the bedchamber as Jolie’s creamy white skin turned scarlet under the fierce blows. She gasped and a huge sob escaped her lips, then her whole body shook with warring feelings as his fingers took to stroking between her legs for a few brief moments again.

“I am your husband, Jolie and you will do what I say. I control every inch of your body. Your pleasure and your pain lie in my hands alone. Do you understand me, wife?” Cole rubbed his palm over the burning flesh on her bottom as he waited for an answer. Stroking, dancing his fingertips over the scarlet skin, rubbing, and sending tingles through her body.

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