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And So The First Spanking Begins #SatSpanks 29 comments

We’ll begin where I left off last week. I noticed in my tour of Saturday Spankings that many of you enjoy teasing by staying with a particular scene. Elizabeth woke up in Maxwell’s chambers after being kidnapped by him. He’s to tame her and train her to be a sex slave for his kinky employer’s harem. He’s just put her over his lap, pulled up her skirts, and pulled open her split bloomers much to her outrage. “Damn you, you heathen!”  “My, my, such language from a lady. You wonder how I dare. Your body now belongs to me to do with as I please, and right now it pleases me to turn your pretty little bum a nice shade of crimson. Let this be your first lesson, pet. You are to do as you’re told or suffer the consequences.” Maxwell’s hand came down in a hard smack upon Elizabeth’s […]