Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock’s Spooktacular Weekend Event!

Halloween Event prat


October Giveaway Event – Oct. 25th & 26th


Grand Prize Package

*$25 amazon gift card- Rachel Raithby

* Boxed set of Broken Series- Melissa Gwin Stephens

* Signed Copy of Luca’s Magic- Kym Grosso

* Swag Pack- Kelli Smith

*True Blood Charm- Bobby Romans


Game 1- 1 winner

Ebook Hallows Haven- Melissa Brodsky

Ebook In Too Deep- Brandy Rivers

Ebook New Beginnings- Brandy Rivers

$10 Amazon Gift Card- Nikki Author

Game 2- 5 Winners (Each get)

Ebook- Ink- Bella Roccaforte

Ebook “new release” by Bella Roccaforte


Game 3- 2 Winners (Each Get)

Ebook Shattered Images- Jolynn Raymond

Ebook A past undone- Jolynn Raymond

Signed paperback of Taken- Jolynn Raymond

Signed bookmark- Jolynn Raymond


Game 4- 1 winner

Ebook Book 5 in the Lockwood Chronicles- Katrina Laford

Ebook Guardian- Sara Mack

Ebook Allegiant- Sara Mack

Ebook- Beyond- Mary Ting

Surprise present- Mary Ting


Game 5- 1 winner

Ecopy Buried Secrets- Emma Rollins

Ebook South of Bixby Bridge- Ryan Winfield

Ebook Fated Truth- Tasha Gwartney

Ebook Impossible- Julia Sykes

All donated by Heather Ayala


Game 6- 1 winner

Ebook The Storm- Sarah Cradit

Ebook The Darkness- Sarah Cradit

Ebook Eternal Beginnings- K.C. Cavanaugh

Ebook Animal Within- Natasha Wetzel


Game 7- 1 Winner

Autographed Copy of Starfire- Michelle Zugoni

Autographed Copy of Goddess Kissed- Michelle Zugoni

Ebook Games of Fate- Kris Radcliff

Ebook Flux of Skin- Kris Radcliff

Jeweled bookmark- Kris Radcliff


Game 8- 3 winners (Each get)

Ebook Fall of Darkness- Elle Bright

Ebook The Vampire Next Door- Charity Santiago

Ebook The Mercenary- Johanna Rae
Game 9- 1 Winner

Ebook choice of any book by Lindy Zart- Lindy Zart

Swag Pack- Cassandra Carr

Signed Paperback of Finding Obscurity- Emma Shade


Game 10- 1 winner

Ebook Heat Wave- Taryn Kincaid

Ebook Stage Pass- Stevie Kissner

Ebook Dream me off my feet- Stevie Kissner

Ebook Reconnected- Bethany Daniel

Ebook Disconnected- Bethany Daniel


Game 11- 1 Winner

Ebook To Tame His Mate- Serena Pettus

Ebook Consensual- Katherine Rhodes

Ebook Broken Bonds- Katherine Rhodes

Ebook Death and Detention- M.I. Harrte


Game 12- 1 winner

Ebook Rising Dawn- E.I. Jennings

Ebook Roam- Kimberly Stedronsky

Ebook Odium- Claire Riley

Ebook Chemical Reaction- Christina Thompson


Game 13- 2 winners (Each get)

Ebook- Mermaids Curse- Danielle Lanzarotta

Ebook Under the Moon- Bobby Romans

Signed Rackcard- Bobby Romans


Game 14- 1 winner

Signed Bookmark- Rissa Blakely

Surprise gift- Rissa Blakely

Ebook Dragon’s Mate- Beverly Ovalle

Ebook Vampires Saving Embrace- Darlene Kuncytes

Ebook- Werewolf Savage Embrace- Darlene Kuncytes


Game 15- 1 winner

Ebook White Chapel Road- Wayne Mallows

Ebook A Vampire Tale- Wayne Mallows

Ebook Just Live Juliet- Stephanie Andressy

Ebook Noble Lies- Stephanie Andressy

Ebook- His Boss Lady- Emily Walker


Game 16- 1 Winner

Ebook The Other Half- Elaina Roberts

Ebook Sunshine- Nikki Colligan

Ebook Sun Poisoned- Nikki Colligan

Ebook Night Boys- Aubrey Diamont

Ebook If Looks Could Kill- Aubrey Diamont


Game 17- 1 winner

Ebook Save Me- L.J. Baker

Ebook Cursed- Kelli Aubrey

Ebook Hunger- Kelli Aubrey

Ebook Ravenous- Kelli Aubrey

Ebook Be All- Marie Destafino


Game 18- 1 winner

Signed Paperback- C.J. Pinard

Ebook- C.J. Pinard

$10 Amazon Giftcard- C.J. Pinard

Ebook Dangerous Temptation- Catrina Barton


Game 19- 1 Winner

Ebook Let Me Protect You- Jessica Cage

Ebook The High Arc- Jessica Cage

Ebook Revitalized- Jessica Cage

Ebook For The Sake of Revenge- D.I. Atha

Ebook Blackwood Lily- R.I. Kirk


Game 20- 1 winner

Ebook Blood Ties- Gina Whitney

Ebook Blaze of Secrets- Jessie Donovon

Signed Copy of Lily’s Angel- Charlayne Denney

Signed Bookmark- Charlayne Denney

Ebook Out of shadows by Bethany Pfeifer-Shaw


Game 21- 1 winner

Ebook- Sanguis City- Morgan Jane Mitchell

Ebook Heart of War- Lisa Darling

Ebook Armored- M.A. Wilder

Ebook Bar Tricks by Nicole Kuhn

Ebook choice of one of Tonya Ridener’s books


Game 22- 10 winners

Signed Bookmark and Signed Postcard- Joanne Voyles


Game 23- 5 winners

Ebook Imagine by Christina Shoenhair

Bookmark from Dawn Preston

Ebook of Hearts of Ishira by Donna Beasley


Game 24- 1 winner

Ebook Ties that Bind by Merilyn Dignum

Ebook Soul Breaker by Tina Pollick

Ebook Strip me Bare by Marissa Carmel

Ebook Emblazed by Nikki Narvaes

Ebook Envisioned by Nikki Narvaes


Game 25- 3 winners (Each get)

Ebook Walking Dead Girl by Jessica Roscoe

Ebook Alpha Omega by Brandon Godbee


Game 26- 2 winners

Dylan Hart book – two winners book 1 & 2 each. And a fatty swag pack –R.M. Gilmore (Likes suggested-Facebook)

Ebook Immortal Beginnings Amara by Kristin Secorsky


Game 27- 1 winner

Signed Paperback of Merchants with Evil intent by Kerrie Gray Dubrock

Ebook Born in Flames- Candace Knoebel

Ebook Embracing the Flames- Candace Knoebel


Game 28- 1 winner

Ebook of Willow- Amy Ritchie

Swag Pack- Amy Ritchie


Game 29- 1 winner

Ebook Fern by Amy Ritchie

Swag Pack from Amy Ritchie

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