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The Vows I Spoke When Collaring Beauty 3 comments

I post these a day late because we are on vacation. This is what I said when I placed the collar around Beauty’s neck and took her as mine forever. I pledge my life unto yours. When you need strength I will offer mine. When you need words of encouragement I will listen and provide support. When you need solace and comfort and the silent speech of love, I will understand. I will place you in my heart today, before all others, and I pledge to work from this hour forward to make our commitment everlasting. Beauty, you are assertive yet gentle. You are stubborn yet yielding: you bend your will to my wishes like you never have for another. I admire your spirit, your honesty, your spontaneous silliness, and your quiet shyness that others never see. My aim is not to change you, but rather to grow with you […]