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Get Roasted by Susannah Shannon 2 comments

Get Roasted by Susannah Shannon I originally found Susannah Shannon’s book by accident. People kept posting cookbooks in the Spanking Fiction Readers and Writers Group I mod on Facebook, so I searched Amazon, and ta da! So I posted it in the group since there was cooking and spanking in the book. It is such a good read! It’s a fun and quirky spanking romance. I could have sat up all night and read the whole thing through, but I wasn’t able to do that. :/ For the longest time, I hadn’t felt like reading at all. Between Adaline Raine’s book, Her Leading Man, and this one, I felt I could enjoy books again and reading didn’t feel like such a chore.  Book Blurb: Cass Harper has given up on her romantic ideal. She has secretly longed for a man who enjoys her company, respects her intellect, thinks she is beautiful and […]