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Kindle Countdown #Sale – Primal Cravings – Dark Obsessions

Kindle Countdown #Sale – Primal Cravings – Dark Obsessions From Today Until Monday – February 11th – 15th – Dark Obsessions Starts the 12th Come along for a sizzling romance that will tantalize your most primal desires, as Olivia ventures into a place where her darkest cravings are satisfied and her heart becomes as captured as her passion. After a bad break up, Olivia is ready to return to the BDSM community. When she attends a class on anal play at a kink event, she comes face to face with Gideon, a man she has felt an attraction to since they met years ago. Gideon is teaching All Things Anal when Olivia takes a seat in the front row. The flush on her cheeks as she watches him demonstrate the different types of play, tells him has captured the curiosity of a woman he long has desired. Olivia’s need to […]