Daily Archives: February 1, 2015

The BuzzFeed Try Guys Try BDSM #NSFW #HudsyHawn

I regularly watch BuzzFeed videos, especially the Try Guys. I like that they are always doing something different, and its usually thought provoking. Also if I am in need of a giggle or at least be in a better mood, I am by the end of the video. You may be looking at the videos in the links and say to yourself, “WTF?” There’s a lot of weird stuff and I don’t know what to watch. On the BuzzFeed Youtube channel there happens to be playlists you can pick from, or you can make your own. I believe I first saw Hudsy Hawn on the E! Entertainment TV Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey”. The clip below features her part in the show. I have not been able to find the full video for the show online; if you dig through Youtube you may be able to get the gist of […]