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Join Us Aug. 20th – 23rd – BDSM Writers Con #NYC 4 comments

New York City?! Golden Flogger #NYC – Taken In Hand and His Lordship’s Wayward Wife http://t.co/ewuS8G8aAx & http://t.co/3PqC8VC1ps pic.twitter.com/ONbk2LX1jM — Beauty’s Punishment (@YourPunishments) January 14, 2015 Nominated for the Best BDSM Book of The Year Taken In Hand: A Guide To Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange Relationships, and Related BDSM Topics  His Lordship’s Wayward Wife: A Kinky Historical Romance We’ll be spending a week in New York seeing the sights and attending the BDSM Writers Conference Aug. 20th – 23rd. Jolynn is a featured author there and will also be teaching a class on Creating and Understanding Domestic Discipline and Power Exchange Relationships. This is her first ever class at an event, and your big chance to see her live and in person; and of course, me, live and uncensored. There is a book reading series, Between the Sheets, and BDSM book fair on Sunday 12pm – 4pm. You’ll be able […]