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Arabella - The Princess and The Sting

The Princess and the Sting by Jolynn Raymond
A Domestic Discipline Fairytale

Disclaimer: This is a free short story that is way over eight sentences for Saturday Spanks, and is more for your enjoyment, and to be read at your leisure. Headmistress Blake will have to give me some extra whacks. ~ Beauty

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was the only child of the king and was granted her every wish by her adoring father. The princess was so lovely that her beauty captured the heart of any man who looked upon her, but it was only skin deep. Inside she was full of envy, greed, wrath, lust, sloth and pride. In fact, of all the human emotions and traits one could have, it was only these that resided within her.

The king had lost his wife when Arabella was but a small child, and so he was blind to all of his daughter’s faults, and Arabella took full advantage of him. He loved her so very much, but Arabella didn’t return his love. She only cared for herself, and spent her days lazing about, staring into the grand mirrors that hung everywhere in her chambers.

There came a dark time in the kingdom when the king fell ill. The doctor’s begged Arabella to come to her father’s side for he had lost the will to live. But she was far too busy tending her pride and combing her long dark hair in front of her mirrors to even be present when he passed away from melancholy and lost love.

And so came the time in the kingdom when all of the royal subjects called upon Arabella to marry. A girl could not rule, especially one who cared for nothing but herself, because though her father had been blind to her faults, the kingdom was not. They knew their only hope of having a fair, and just ruler lay in the marriage match Arabella made.

Princes and men of noble blood came from far and wide to seek Arabella’s hand, but she wouldn’t even leave her chamber of mirrors to hold court unless she was feeling especially cruel. If her heart were painted with blackness that day, she would agree to meet those who had traveled far and wide. Once they met her, she captured their hearts and left them in misery, unable to love another for the rest of their lives.

Soon the kingdom began to suffer from Arabella’s greed as suitor after suitor were rejected. She spent enormous amounts of gold on jewels that matched her green eyes, gown after gown to wear, and more mirrors for the castle. On the rare occasion that she ventured out, it was to seek things and men that others had and she did not in order to fill castle’s chamber of riches, as well as her bed.

The people sought the wizard of the kingdom, beseeching him to intervene. Arabella needed to marry before all of her subjects were destitute, and the men of the realm bewitched. The magical man worked long and hard to find a spell that would tame, but not harm the cruel girl. Arabella was now their liege, and her royal blood granted her the realm until such time as she would marry. None foresaw the greedy and wicked girl, their princess, had become so long ago when the king made his decree regarding his hellish girl child.

The wizard finally found an ancient spell that would enchant Arabella’s mirrors, for the only certainty of each day was that she would spend hours admiring herself in them. The day the spell was cast, Arabella was sitting on a stool in the middle of her chambers, her reflection showing on all for walls surrounding her. To the spoiled girl’s surprise, as she combed her long locks the mirrors began to shimmer. The surfaces danced as if the glass were being struck by rain, tiny circles rippling out, blurring her image. And then, as she opened her mouth to shriek her displeasure, through the surfaces of the four mirrors came men.

Each was dressed in garments that held the crest of a noble family she did not recognize. Each also wore glasses so dark Arabella couldn’t see their eyes, and at that moment, Arabella realized she might be doomed. She turned to face each in time but though she bat her eyes, and smiled her most entrancing smile, they were unfazed by her beauty.

The men quickly circled her and then to her horror; two grabbed her feet, and two her arms. Cries of outrage spilled from Arabella’s lips, but they paid her no heed, and instead carried her screaming and squirming to the largest mirror of all in her chambers. When they were before it, Arabella thought they would put her down, but that wasn’t to be.

Instead, the four men took their crazed captive who was still shrieking like a banshee right through the mirror, as if it was a door and not a thing made of glass.

As they stepped through, Arabella was too stunned to react for she found herself in a deep dark forest instead of her high chamber full of mirrors. They tossed her upon the ground unceremoniously as they stepped away, only to disappear. Arabella rose and rushed to the mirror, but the side she was on was solid glass. She pounded her fists upon it, tears beginning to flow down cheeks that had never felt the kiss of the salty sadness in the spoiled girl’s life. She continued to pound and cry in disbelief until a voice behind her made her whirl around.

“Who are you and where am I?”

“I am your husband and the future king.”

“I do not wish a husband.” Arabella went forward and touched the man’s arm as she smiled, but he seemed unfazed much to her dismay. The man wore the dark glasses like her captors had worn. Arabella realized they made the man immune to her beauty and magic, and tried to pull them off the man’s face, but he was far too quick for her.

He quickly grasped her wrists and snaked the other arm around her, effectively pulling her within inches of his face. Arabella looked up at him in a panic, never before had she been denied anything, and therefore she had no idea what to do. She made to let out a shriek, but he tightened his arm, pulling her even closer.

“There will be none of that. Behave woman, or you will wish you had. Your days of being a greedy tyrant are over. You will now answer to me, and I can assure you, life from now on will be drastically different.”

“How dare you speak to me like that? I am the princess and rule this realm.”

“Really? Just where do you think you are at?”

“Why I… I…”

“You my dear spoiled princess are in a place created by magic at the pleading of your subjects. They are cold, hungry, and miserable, and would like nothing better than to see you dead. Luckily, for you I have other plans.

Arabella had a fleeting moment of hope. If the man desired her, surely, there would come a time when she could snatch the glasses from is eyes. She smiled sweetly and tilted her head back for a kiss, sure the beauty of her face and perfect mouth would tempt him. Once he was kissing her, he would want much more, and it would be then she could win her freedom.

The man stood, looking down at her, and scoffed at her attempts to woo him. “You are a vain and full of conceit girl. I suppose we ought to begin your lessons by driving that arrogance from your soul.”

He moved back by only, so she wasn’t in the way of his intended goal. Dragging her along with him, the man went to a nearby tree. It was a huge Oak with gnarled branches that hung low to the ground. Spinning Arabella, so her face was to the trunk, the would be king pushed her forward, releasing her wrist, laughing out loud as the magic tree wrapped its branches securely around Arabella.

She shrieked yet again, and he let her wail, knowing it wouldn’t be the last of her cries. Moving away, he walked to a small sapling and cut a branch that was thin and whippy. Just the thing for sassy spoilt girls. Returning to a sobbing Arabella, he pulled up her skirts, tucking them in one of the confining branches, effectively exposing her never punished bottom.

“This, my dear will be the first of many. Feel free to cry and howl all you wish, no one will come to your aid.” That said, Prince Raed lashed the switch across Arabella’s bottom, leaving a red welt. As he had predicted, she began to scream and wail but he didn’t let that stop him from what had to be done. Again and again he left welts upon her creamy bottom, turning the pristine skin marred by red. He didn’t draw blood, for she was his wife to be, but he made his point perfectly clear as he lectured Arabella on the proper behavior of a wife.

She tried to twist and turn to escape the sting of the switch, but it wasn’t to be, but to her relief, Raed finally stopped. By that time she was a sniveling mess, and when the tree released her, she fell into his arms, her knees weak, her strength vanished along with her vanity.

He carried her to an old stump, flipped her skirts up once again to continue her chastisement telling her over and over that she would be kind, respectful, and dutiful from that day forward. Arabella finally stopped her tantrum and began to listen, and listening turned to her truly hearing what he said.

When he felt her melt into his lap, Raed knew he had won the first battle. He stood, putting her on her feet, and marching her with skirts raised to show her well punished bottom, back through the mirror and into her chambers where the Wizard and the vicar waited. One removed her enchanting spell and the other married them. When that was done, the new king marched his reformed queen through the streets her bottom still on display for all to see. He showed her the destruction of her greed, making Arabella see the world, and what had become of her people with different eyes.

When King Raed was satisfied that his wife had been humbled, he led her back to the castle knowing many more spankings would need to occur in their future, but certain they would live happily ever after.

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