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Weekend Got Hotter Sexy Recipes

Your Sexy Recipe for this Sunday is something I call The Picnic. I don’t know where I originally saw a recipe for putting this all together, but I would serve it as a special treat for date night or sexy time. In the living room on the coffee table is where it is all going to go, unless you are taking it into the bedroom with you there. It’s easier to start in the living room and end up in the bedroom instead. Some nice music or a sexy movie to watch goes with this nicely.

The Picnic

What you’ll need:

  • One large cutting board {You will be using it as a serving tray also.}
  • A sharp knife
  • Butter knife
  • A spoon
  • Cheese slicer
  • Colander – {It’s to rinse your fruit. I wash mine with a little Dawn dish soap and water. You only need a speck of it to do the trick. I use only water on the strawberries though, and pat them dry with a paper towel.}
  • Paper towels
  • Hand towels/ kitchen towels
  • Plates / utensils if you want them, unless you are just using your fingers to feed each other. You at least need the butter knife along with you in the living room.

From the grocery store you’ll need:

  • One or two loaves of crusty french bread. You can always use the second one for sandwiches another day.
  • At least one stick of butter {not margarine} in a butter dish.
  • Prosciutto – Don’t be stingy, get the good stuff. You can taste the difference.
  • One cantaloupe
  • Swiss cheese {Or another kind of good cheese that goes with fruit}
  • Purple grapes, or grapes of your choice.
  • Strawberries

You can start preparing what you need for your picnic in the kitchen. You will need a big cutting board later for the picnic, so you can always put the fruit and cheese on something if you only have one cutting board. You’ll need to cut the cantaloupe in half and scoop out the insides, and then cut it into quarters. You can take the rind off so you can feed it to your lover. Some people don’t like the taste of the rind when you get close to it. There is a video of how to make a cantaloupe flower that you can watch. It looks fancy, it just takes time to fix it. You will get extra brownie points with your lover if you do that I’m sure.

Slice up some of the cheese so you can arrange it to look nice. You can always slice more of it while you are having your picnic. If you want to cut the strawberries in half you can, or you can be a little messy and eat them whole. You can also put your fruit arranged nicely in a big bowl; not a mixing bowl. Be fancy and get out the crystal that you got when you got married. If you don’t have any, use another nice bowl you have out when company comes over. You don’t need to pre cut the bread. You can tear off a hunk later when you are eating and put some butter on it.

On the cutting board, lay out one loaf of crusty bread, your cheese and prosciutto. You can arrange some fruit on the board also, or have it in your fancy dish. Take your cutting board with your picnic out to the coffee table that you have it already cleared off ahead of time. Bring along some napkins or paper towels with whatever you are serving it on and your utensils. You can always use your fingers to eat what you want right off of your picnic table, but feed it to your lover first. I’ve seen it suggested that this would go with a dry wine, but I would think a sparkling wine would go with it better. If you go to Trader Joe’s, ask their people, they are trained to know what wine goes with the different foods. I’ve done that already and they are nice and helpful about finding you the right one.

Here are some examples of what your picnic can look like:

melon and prosciutto 2 melon and prosciutto Prosciutto con melone prosciutto flower Prosciutto-Wrapped-Cantaloupe-with-Blackberries prosciutto melon green grapes bread



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  • Jolynn Raymond

    My sweet wife made a picnic for us yesterday. It was super tasty, lots of flavors and textures exploding across your tongue. A wonderful romantic picnic spread out on the coffee table. thank you baby.

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