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My Author Interview on Timeless Quills & Giveaway of Signed Copy of Elizabeth’s Destiny

Author Interview: Jolynn Raymond on Timeless Quills Tell us about your book(s)! My latest romance release is a series that is a sequel to my paranormal historical romance series Beneath the Shadows of Evil. The new series is set in modern times, and follows a family of witches named the Connelly’s who are decedents of the people in the historical series. The title of the series is The Connelly Witches, and the books are stand alone paranormal novels that focus on a different member of the family and the trials and tribulations their witchcraft and their vow to protect mankind brings them. I am also working on a book that takes place in Victorian times that is a kinky historical novel akin to Lessons of Love and Elizabeth’s Destiny. I must say a word about my journey into non-fiction as well. The book isn’t a romance and it may not […]