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Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013

Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013 {This list will be updated with more prizes as the month goes on. We are donating signed paperbacks for prizes; stay tuned for more.} Our prizes for a lucky winner will be: Elizabeth’s Destiny, Lessons of Love, and Dark Obsessions (US) and one Kindle book of winner’s choice!! Do you remember, if you were lucky, having an advent calendar as a child? The traditional kind had small, perforated paper windows to open for each day of December. Each day’s window revealed a small surprise. Usually it was a piece of chocolate or candy. I never had one, but I envied the children who did. Guess what? We’re going to have an Advent Calendar, but we’re going to do it my way! How will the advent calendar work, Ana style? There will be rules. Of course there will be rules. •Sign up! (Bonus point if you sign […]