What a Bunch of Crazy Fun!

Halloween Event prat

I just want to say a huge thanks to my wife and the admins for this event. They work like mad rabbits as the games progress to make sure everyone is having fun and the games are fair. There was a huge amount of time spent planning this, making sure people had links to ALL of the author’s pages at least a week ahead of time so everyone could read and find out which author’s game they wanted to enter.

They started to collect books way back in July. The fast pace has been almost overwhelming but they haven’t stopped because of the huge positive response. That’s 3 months of prep to make sure it runs smoothly. There has been hard work by all involved to ensure all information has been correct, fair, and fun. A special widget picks winners by random. There is no bias involved. So THANKS TO ALL THE ADMINS!!!!!

What am I talking about? Click here.

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