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Naughty No-No’s Blog Hop Participation Call – Come Be Naughty!

I love naughtiness in all forms. From decadent chocolate delicacies to dark forbidden fantasies, it’s hard to resist, and so deliciously wrong to give in.

Come join me on the Naughty No-No’s Blog Hop, running September 23rd to 29th, and share your naughty thoughts, experiences, or tasty flash fiction bits!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

What temptation are your characters always doomed to give into?

Forbidden, taboo, or just calorie-ridden, share it with us!

Start your blog hop at Sotia Lazu’s and keep on hopping from there!

Drop by the rest of the participating blogs for more yummy naughtiness and goodies!

Naughty No-No’s participating blogs

1. Sotia Lazu 8. Kara Leigh Miller 15. Danica Winters  
2. Sofia Grey 9. Aria Kane 16. Barbara Elsborg  
3. Tina Carreiro 10. Molly Ann Wishlade 17. Celeste Rupert  
4. Eva Lefoy 11. Ava Oshay 18. Scarlett Flame  
5. Daisy Banks 12. Melinda Dozier 19. Jolynn Raymond  
6. Ana Blaze 13. Jennifer Chambers    
7. Siren Allen 14. Sharon Kleve Romantic Ramblings  

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