Daily Archives: July 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary To My Wife 4 comments

Three years ago today I married and collared you. You are the most wonderful woman in the world. I will love, cherish, and protect you for as long as you live. You have given my life a peaceful balance, created a wonderful place where I come home to at the end of each day, and care for me in  all the little things you do so I can just find strength and love. You provide support for all I do, encouragement, and quiet tenderness even when I am cranky.  I promise to mold our lives within the vows we made to each other that day both in our wedding vows and our collaring commitments. Happy anniversary Beauty. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Kinky Event Experience

Beauty and I are new to this event. We normally go to the big convention events closer to home but wanted to try something new. So the question in my mind was will it be the same thing with just new people? Nope. This event is HUGE. We have been at events before where we kinky folks take over a whole hotel, but not on this scale. People – Very friendly and welcoming. They get an A+. I forgot to bring my Ivory soap and because of allergies can’t use regular soap so I posted for help from those who had a car. Four people right off offered to get soap for me. A trip to Walmart was had. We spent aa few hours in the vending area and only got through a bit because everyone was so friendly. We chatted with each vendor so have to finish our shoppng […]