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The Beneath The Shadows of Evil Trilogy… Taken, Torn, and Treasured
In the blink of an eye her world was turned upside down.

Master Vampire Mikhal the Merciless captured a young Gypsy one night when she trespassed on his land. He heartlessly stole Alliana from her family; taking her freedom, and forcing her to become his wife. Knowing she held magic inside, Mikhal made plans to use Alliana to give him a powerful son. Once he had what he wanted, Mikhal had every intention of casting Alliana aside. His kind held no feelings of love and compassion, but that was before the consequences of magic opened his eyes.

Pregnant and alone in the castle of her evil husband, Alliana is lost. It seems as though everyone around her wants to hurt her, especially the man she was forced to marry. He is cruel and twisted; as are all who reside in his castle, but after doing the very worst, he suddenly changes. The vampire devil takes on the face of a man who cares, one whose actions mystify Alliana, but ever since she has been kept captive in the castle, an ounce of trust earns only pain. Alliana has built a fortress around her heart, and a few kind words cannot batter down its walls.
Knowing the woman he stole is a rare and precious gem, Mikhal is on a quest to tame her by showing her compassion and tenderness, but past mistakes are hard to overcome in the broken heart of his bride. She hates him, and has every right to, but Mikhal knows he must make her trust him or he will be forced to live with her terror and pain each day of his existence. His eyes have been opened, but Alliana’s remain closed. Her heart made unfeeling, her stare cold. Can he persuade her to let him in so they can defeat those who want to destroy their chance for happiness, or is it too late for them to find love?

A ruthless master vampire.

A magical gypsy woman.
A castle inhabited by evil.
The 1500’s of Hungary.

The ingredients for a thrilling paranormal historical romance.

Taken available here     Torn available here
Treasured coming July 1st, 2013

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