Add Some Sizzle To Your Sunday #SALE #BDSM

Add Some Sizzle To Your Sunday  Beginning Sunday morning, three of the best of Jolynn Raymond’s BDSM novels will be on sale. Add some heat to your week with a steamy kinky read as you take a peek inside the lives of Jolynn’s very kinky couples. His Lordship’s Wayward Wife – A historical romance novel with an intense BDSM storyline. Claudia has no idea about the secret society her family is a part of until she is married to Lord Nathaniel Tarrington. She is a spoiled and ill-mannered young woman in need of taming, and Nathaniel is well aware of what discipline is needed. {Buy His Lordship’s Wayward Wife on Amazon} Primal Cravings – An extremely hot anal erotica. Join Olivia as she ventures back into a kinky lifestyle with the help of Gideon who has just what she needs to put the pain of a bad breakup behind her. […]