Do you hear that? That quiet noise is me sighing as I curl up to relax and do some writing today. Yesterday was hectic with the relatives and a turkey mishap, but today is all mine. My better half it out shopping with the other crazy people, but I’m staying comfy and letting my muse run free. She’s been whispering in my ear and wants me to put her ideas on paper. Black Friday freebies are going like crazy and Elizabeth’s Destiny is starting out strong. The holiday season is off to a hectic start but today is for jammies and muse.

Free Day!

Today I am very thankful for those who support me in my writing and my wonderful readers.To show my appreciation, I have made two of my books free. If you missed out on the last free days for Lessons of Love or Sweet Agony, now is your chance. Both will be free today. Have a bit of steamy erotica or delicious kink with your turkey or curl up with a good book after you shoo the relatives out the door.