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Jolynn’s Book Writing Progress So Far #AmWriting

Jolynn’s Book Writing Progress So Far #AmWriting You may be wondering to yourself, “I wonder what that Jolynn Raymond is up to now”? She has four books that she is trying to put down in Word documents that are trying to jump out of her head, and will have more time to write in about two weeks when Christmas vacation starts. A couple months ago I bought her a floppy disc drive that you can plug into one of your USB ports on your computer. The one we got works pretty well actually. It’s made by Chuanganzhuo, and it was a toss up between this one and the Sabrent that happens to be the best seller. I sat and read a bunch of Amazon reviews to be sure I was getting the right one. You may be thinking, why would anyone need a floppy drive when there is so much new […]