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Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance Is Now $2.99 #PriceDrop #AnalSex

Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance Is Now $2.99 #PriceDrop #AnalSex There is a new Beta pricing system on an authors Amazon’s book page for KDP. It tells you what other authors in that book genre historically have for their books and what it thinks your price should be at. It tells you it will take up to 72 hours to change it after you do, but it changed for me within the half hour. So, that means a lower price for you right now, our dear readers, if you would like to purchase a Kindle version of Primal Cravings right now. You can read two chapters of Primal Cravings for free right here on our website. That should add a good bit of zing! to your day.

Elust #74 Is Here! #SexBloggers

Photo courtesy of Switch Studies Welcome to Elust #74 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #75? Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!   ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ Machine She wanted to let the light in… Reflections on the Male Nude   ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Trudy Is it play acting? ~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~ *You really should consider adding your popular posts here too* Can a Woman be a Good Mother and Write a Sex Blog All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs […]