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Golden Flogger Awards Tonight! Cheer On The Finalists #NYC

Golden Flogger Awards Tonight! — Cheer On The Finalists #NYC Dr. Charley Ferrer and the judges of the BDSM Writers Con received 188 books for consideration of the Golden Flogger Award. Thirty-three books were disqualified as they did not meet the criteria for a BDSM novel or were not published in 2014. Below are our Golden Flogger Award Finalists. They believe these forty-six books represent some of the best BDSM romance and non-fiction on the market today.  Finalists are listed alphabetically by author in each category.  BDSM Light Sierra Cartwright  —Crave Jenna Jacob  —Saving my submission Anne Lange –Hers to own Roz Lee —Spring Training – Mustangs Baseball #5 Jillian Verne –Masterpiece   BDSM Advanced Cris Anson  —  Redemption & Glory Lexi Blake  —  A View to Thrill Lexi Blake  — Dungeon Royale R.E. Hargrave  —Surreal  Annabel Joseph  —Bound in Blue Stacey Kennedy  —Bared: A Sin Club novel Trista Ann Michael —Master Delacroix Cherise […]