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Pardon Our Dust ~ Remodel We Must #Mobilegeddon

Pardon Our Dust ~ Remodel We Must #Mobilegeddon As most bloggers know already, or maybe you as a reader, had seen it on the news on TV, Monday April 20th, #Mobilegeddon was announced to have started. If you Google it, loads of results will come up so you can read all about it. Here’s what The Motley Fool says in their article Mobilegeddon: Why Google Inc. Has 10,000 of the Biggest Websites Scrambling. They can tell you much better on what is happening out there on the World Wide Web. That’s why we had to change website templates from Tempura to Evolve. I really liked Tempura at the end since WordPress has stricter standards on how people make up code. (You can nerd out here if you want to know more about that.) Evolve is really mobile friendly and it passed Google’s test the first time. Please bear with me as I […]