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Want to win a signed set of the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy; Taken, Torn, and Treasured by Jolynn Raymond? How about a set of the Connelly Witches Series? Here’s your chance. Ms. Raymond has created a trivia contest for readers of her paranormal historical romance Trilogy. The questions have been selected from only the first book of the trilogy, Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Taken. Two winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter from those who answer all five questions correctly. The contest will run from February 1st through February 28th to give new readers a chance to finish book one and answer the questions. Winners of the signed set must live in the United States. Winners outside the US will receive an Authorgraphed eBook set.

But wait, there’s more. Everyone who enters by February 15th will be entered to win a signed set of The Connelly Witches Shattered Images and A Past Undone which feature the descendants of Mikhal and Alliana Arcos.

So if you’ve been wanting a great historical paranormal read, have read the first book and haven’t finished the trilogy, have finished the trilogy via eBook and would love a signed set, or want to a signed set of the modern day paranormal romance with the Connelly Witches, now is your chance to have all three book autographed and on your shelves. Follow the link below to enter the world of Jolynn Raymond’s dark historical romance, and hang on for a roller-coaster ride of emotions as you meet Alliana and Mikhal the master vampire amid the splendor and squalor of Hungary in the Middle Ages.

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Remember, if you enter by February 15th you’ll also be entered into the contest to win the Connelly Witches set.

Prizes are as follows, all books will be signed and include a signed bookmark for Us only

Participants who live outside the US will receive Authorgraphed ebooks and a signed bookmark

Beneath the Shadows of Evil…. Taken

Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Torn

Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Treasured

The Connelly Witches… Shattered Images

The Connelly Witches… A Past Undone

Trivia Questions (Please do not post your answers below)

  1. What was the name of Mikhal Arcos’ demented and evil sister?
  2. What did Alliana lose when they were riding away from the Gypsy camp and headed for Mikhal’s castle?
  3. Why was Alliana on Mikhal’s land?
  4. What was the name of the nasty witch midwife who was the human friend of Mikhal?
  5. Why did Alliana get a reprieve from spending the whole evening at her wedding banquet?

You Could Be A Winner!!

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